Video Monetization for your video inventory


Proprietary Universal Video Player

PlayROI's broad monetization platform gives broadcasters and publishers the insight and control that is needed to achieve complete inventory optimization. Our universal video player works with all networks, exchanges and platforms, giving publishers access to more video advertising inventory than anyone else on the market.

Fully managed solutions for web publishers

we take the Video ad management pain out and save publishers time.

100% Fill Rate

acquire direct access to more demand sources across all key ad verticals to increase your advertising revenues.

Turnkey solution

implement PlayROI in minutes and start generating higher revenues.


With more than 500 active websites, PlayROI is one of the largest global networks of Video Ad inventory reaching 100+ million unique visitors each month in more than 100 countries.


Active Websites




Unique Users

Advertising partners use our technology to reach more consumers across PlayROI’s network of websites and mobile apps every month with various targeting options such as: content category, user demographics and other technical parameters as devices or time.

PlayROI is VAST 1.0 / VAST 2.0 / VPAID Compliant.

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Use PlayROI to maximize your video ad inventory now!
PlayROI’s All-In-One Video Solution includes everything you need to get started.

An easy-to-implement customizable video player for web, Facebook and mobile
a variety of professionally produced engaging videos.
access to the best campaigns from premium advertisers personally optimized by our system and dedicated monetization experts.
exclusive direct campaigns as well as supply from all leading exchanges and media partners.
start monetizing with PlayROI in minutes.

We provide a complete video solution that includes a web player, video content and in-stream ads. We manage all aspects of your Video Ads as pre-roll, mid-roll, post-roll and in-game video advertising, yielding the highest CPMs on the market.

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About Us

Our values

Our motto is DON’T DO EVIL

Naa, we are just kidding here, it belongs to a different company, PlayROI is a trusted video platform for video advertising used by hundreds of partners because the end viewers electronic feedback has a big part of our system decisions.

1 of 3 all online activity is spent watching videos and the problem for viewers is the frequent inability to skip a boring video, low incentive to watch or overall disrupted online experience.

We are trying to make sure that our advertising partners deliver enjoyable videos or even profitable videos for our publishers’ online viewers.

PlayROI is the leading provider of fully managed video advertising solutions for publishers. Our universal video advertising platform and world class publisher support makes PLAYROI the best solution for publishers.


We are one of the industry’s fastest-growing video technology company and we keep our team happy and wealthy.